The Dot Was Not

Dichroic glass dot earrings
More variations on the dichroic glass dot theme.

The dot was not what I expected!

I had been using a dichroic glass pattern with dots for creating earrings and pendants and I wanted to restock my supplies. When I ordered I realized that I didn’t know which number the dots were – #1, #2 or #3! I took my chances and ordered the #3 dots and when they arrived I was dismayed to find that they were huge! How was I going to use these big dots for small jewelry? The dot was not what I expected but when you get lemons (or big dots) you make something unexpected. I started with simple earrings with a one big dot. Easy enough. Then I started cutting the dot in half and using a half on each earring. I have continued using the big dots by cutting them into different shapes and experimenting with how I put them back together. So a mistake has turned into inspiration for trying something new. Often that is how creativity happens!