Making Workable Pattern


Making a workable pattern for stained glass can be challenging!

To get workable patterns I had to enlarge my image choices to a 15″x 15″ square. I worked out the background with the edge and circle first and drew it out on tracing paper. Next I enlarged the animal head on a separate piece of tracing paper. I taped the background in a window and then I put the animal head on top. I moved the animal around on the background until I got the look I wanted, then I taped it making sure the tape did not cover any pattern lines. I placed newsprint over the pieces of tracing paper and taped it in place. With the light coming in behind the paper I was able to trace the entire pattern onto the newsprint. As I drew the pattern I had to be sure that I would be able to cut the glass. That is the reason for the extra lines especially around the antlers. Once I was satisfied I cut the newsprint to size. I repeated this process for each of the four patterns I will be using. They came out really well but there are more steps!

I will be tracing the patterns on white self adhesive shelf paper in my next step. And of course I have to choose glass, cut and grind and foil every piece of glass. I have to lay out the pieces as they will appear in the window and make sure they stay as the 15″ x 15″ size when I solder them together. And there is finishing to do. So this is the first step in a very long process x four!

I will document my work as I go in future posts. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful!