More Stuff That Happens When Making Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry

DSC03521DSC03526DSC02921  Another problem that I have experienced when making dichroic fused glass jewelry is breakage in the kiln during firing. I have found that firing large thick items in the microwave kiln seems to end in breaking more often then not. I was making this piece for my husband as an accent for his car. I made one that fired fine but the next 2 times the pieces broke into several parts. The dichroic glass is a ripple herringbone which has a heavy thick texture. I had put the textured side down which could have trapped air during the firing process. I think the microwave kiln heated too fast for the glass to adjust especially with air possibly trapped. I could hear the glass “pop” so I stopped the microwave and took the kiln out and let it cool. I ended up with multiple partially fired glass pieces. But when you get lemons you make lemonade. I was able to salvage the glass by cutting it into small pieces and making dichroic fused glass jewelry ! Specifically earrings. And they turned out beautifully. There are other reasons for glass breakage during firing which I will address in a future post.